Know Before You go...

Our Travel Alert System, in cooperation with iJet, a leading travel information and intelligence sevice, will  let you know if problems arise at your destination.   

The information will be directly sent to the cell phone we supply you with, or to your laptop.  So what information do you expect to get?  The existing facts and the unexpected alerts:

Existing Facts:

Entry/exit issues: 
Do I need a visa?
Do I need vaccination?

Will it be election day when I arrive?
Are riots expected?

Do men and women eat separately?
Is wearing mini-skirt offensive?
When is the weekend?

Is French the only spoken language in business situations?
Do local citizens speak my language?

It is illegal to use AltaVista as a search engine in China.

What are the penalties for driving under the influence?

Unexpected Alerts:

Dengue fever has broken out in the lake region.
Malaria outbreak in the city.

Rail strikes, airline strikes.
Traffic congestion around sports events.

Massive flooding is expected in the northern coastal cities.

Stock Market sell-off.

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