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InTouch Global is a short-term wireless rental company established in 1987. InTouch Global specializes in the rental of wireless communications and has introduced by way of rental, more than 60 different devices and wireless services to the corporate, government, and travel services markets. We rent AMPS, GSM, PCS and CDMA, satellite phones, pagers, 2-way radios and Nextel phones. Corporate headquarters is based near Washington, DC.

InTouch Global knows the rental business. InTouch Global's wireless communication rentals provide the convenience to try wireless technology and make informed buying decisions quickly. Marketing energies focus on customers who appreciate convenience and want to try the latest international wireless services. Teamed with major manufacturers and global service providers, InTouch USA manages evaluation programs for new wireless products and services. These marketing support programs create long-term clients for the industry. Equipment is available as back up in repair situations.

InTouch Global is the most experienced rental communications company in the world. A well-trained staff with extensive knowledge about wireless worldwide provides customer assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

InTouch Global maintains an extensive inventory that provides customers with a wide range of communications products for differing needs. Whether customers desire instant connections to the home office, security on a road trip, or international phone service for corporate field trials, InTouch Global can supply configured wireless products and services to meet any rental request.

With local numbers in major and secondary US and European cities, In Touch USA has provided wireless communications for such events as Super Bowls, Olympics, political conventions, inaugurations, disaster recoveries and military activities. A few clients include: American Express Travel Related Services, CBS Sports, CNN, foreign embassies, government agencies, car rental companies and hotels.

InTouch Global provides equipment and service in more than 160 countries. Worldwide satellite phone service is available, as well as calling cards offering convenience for international calls.

InTouch Global rents hand-held Internet communication devices with worldwide service in a ready-to-use package. InTouch Global markets rental services through agreements with carriers, manufacturers, dealers, agents, distributors, event organizers, corporate clients, hotels and organizations. InTouch USA provides the world with competitively priced wireless communications daily, weekly or monthly while seeking to obtain 100% client satisfaction.


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