Pre-negotiated Rates For US Government Agencies ONLY!


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clicking here, or call our customer service representatives at 1-703-222-7161, extension 110 or 1-800-USA-ROAM. You can review the rates by clicking on one of the links to the rate sheets below.  You can also print the rate sheet, fill it out and fax it to us at 1-703-222-9597.

You can also click here to send us your contact information and we will call you back by the next business day.

Cellular (Americas) phone rates:
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International (GSM) phone rates:
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Cellular (Americas) phone print & fax form:
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International (GSM) phone print & fax form:
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Advantages of renting:

  • Knowing the phone number in advance.
  • Invoices in dollars and minutes instead of foreign currency and unspecified time modules.
  • The opportunity to become familiar with the phone prior to departure.
  • No long-term cellular contracts.
InTouch USA offers domestic and international cellular phones on a short-term basis for travelers with destinations around the world.  Because the contract is competitively awarded, agencies can minimize the procurement process when renting from InTouch USA.  

All agencies are eligible for the reduced prices offered by through the FTWS contract by InTouch USA, FWTS, and the Dyncorp schedule.













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