Time Magazine NOVEMBER 2000 VOL. 5 NO. 7



When the National Football League wanted players and coaches to be able to call home from last summer's exhibition games in Tokyo, it called Lynn Klar of InTouch USA. When the Israeli  embassy needed to make sure Prime Minister Barak could contact Tel Aviv from Camp David, Klar's phone rang again. And when the Republican National Committee needed 100 cell phones in 24 hours for George W. Bush's convention entourage, Klar got that call too.

For over 13 years InTouch USA has been one of the select few companies that rent cell phones to clients who typically need them for just a few days or
weeks  has become a valuable resource on the mind-boggling array of
wireless voice networks and services around the world, from Oshkosh,
Wisconsin, to the South China Sea.

Last spring InTouch USA provided two dozen phones to White House staff and press corps accompanying President Clinton to Pakistan. Some 400 delegates who attended the World Trade Organization's contentious
conference in Seattle last year leased phones from InTouch  as did some
400 protesters. More recently, the company rented a bunch of Motorolas, Nokias and Ericssons to Olympic spectators going to Sydney.

What makes Klar indispensable to her clients is her ability to tell
them not only what sort of coverage to expect, but also how to deal with
such basics as voice mail and international dialing. Even simple rules, like
having to dial a "1" before an area code in the U.S., can trip up
visitors, she says.

Klar enjoys her work, even the emergency requests like that frantic
call from the Republican National Committee back in July. InTouch USA has rented phones to every presidential campaign since 1988, she says, noting, "Whoever uses the most air-time, wins."

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