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Sony Ericsson P800

Motorola TimePort

Nokia 7210 GlobalStar Satellite

Qualcomm GlobalStar Handheld Satellite Phone:   Buy for  $699 $629 SALE!

Note:  If you do not think you will need this phone long term, you can rent this phone for $100!  Click here for a quote.

It's satellite, cellular, and access to the Internet.
Whether you are at remote job sites, off-road, or offshore, the Globalstar handheld phone connects you to the people and information that you need most.

All in one state-of -the-art, 12 ounce digital satellite phone. Smaller than most cordless phones, the Globalstar Handheld Phone gives you crystal-clear digital satellite voice connections, connects to cellular systems where available, and provides real-world Internet and E-mail Access with the optional Globalstar Data Kit. A full range of optional accessories including Vehicle Kits, as well as many innovative Globalstar approved third-party products help customize a solution to keep you in contact and in control.

GlobalStar satellite phones require line-of-sight vision to the sky.

Some current coverage areas include:
  • the Continental US & Canada, including national parks, mountain ranges, and remote destinations.
  • Latin America/South America.
  • Caribbean.
  • Europe
  • Most of Asia
  • Australia.
  • Middle East

  • Crystal-Clear Voice Quality: Superior CDMA digital satellite quality
  • Unparalleled Reliability: Path Diversity™ means each Globalstar call connects with at least 2 and up to 4 satellites per call for maximum quality and reliability
  • Real World Data Speeds: 9600 KBps CDMA Packet Data
  • Automatic System Select: Just pop up the satellite antenna, and your Globalstar phone will automatically seek out the Globalstar network
  • Convenient dialing: The only satellite phone with standard US dialing. Also supports all standard dial tone, dial procedure, and call progress touch-tones
  • Intuitive Display: Four-line, 48-character display shows battery level, voicemail status, short messages received and satellite signal quality
  • Long Life Battery: 3.5 hours Talk Time, 9 hours standby time in Globalstar Mode
  • Built for extremes: Antenna and Junction box operational from -4 degrees to 131degrees Fahrenheit
Polymer Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Globalstar CDMA digital satellite mode: 3.5 hour talk time, 18 hour standby
  • CDMA Digital Cellular mode: 4.5 hour talk time, 72 hour standby
  • AMPS analog cellular mode: 2.5 hour talk time, 14 hour standby

Radio Frequency Power Output

  • Globalstar CDMA digital satellite mode: 400 mW maximum (+26 dBm)
  • CDMA Digital Cellular mode: 200 mW maximum
  • AMPS analog cellular mode: 600 mW maximum

Frequency Range

  • Globalstar Reverse Link: 1610.73 to 1625.49 MHz
  • Globalstar Forward Link: 2484.39 to 249.15 MHz
  • Cellular Reverse Link: 824.01 to 848.97 MHz
  • Cellular Forward Link: 869.01 to 893.97 MHz
  • Globalstar CDMA Digital Satellite Mode: 8k variable rate vocoder
  • CDMA Digital Cellular Mode: 13k variable rate vocoder


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