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Sony Ericsson P800

Motorola TimePort

Nokia 7210 GlobalStar Satellite

Motorola Timeport:  $150 (get $100 discount with calling plan)

* Motorola Timeport GSM Triband 900/1900/1800

* Motorola OptimaxT high contrast display with LCD contrast control

* Timeport has voice dialing feature.

* Offers voice activated shortcuts - Menu options can be linked to voice commands to automatically activate chosen feature when command is spoken.

* Motorola Timeport has the ability to personalize these features - Customize keys, greeting, banner and quick dial.

* Timeport has an alarm clock

* Over 20 languages supported

* Motorola VibraCall* alert - to discreetly notify you of incoming calls

* FM Stereo Radio - accessible when used with headset accessory 

* Timeport has voice annotation button

* Motorola Timeport gives you up to 4 hours talk-time and 113 hours of standby time.

* Phone book  (up to 155 names & numbers depending on SIM)

* Sim Toolkit and text messaging capabilities

* Motorola Timeport Fax
- Up to 9600 bps standard operation
- Infrared support (data and fax)
- Can track cost of calls
- Audible Call Timers
- Caller ID Block
- Can Divert Only Voice, Data, Calls, or any combination.

* Motorola TrueSyncŪ SMS Text Messaging with up to 5 lines of SMS text

* Other Feature in your Motorola Timeport:
- Unlocked can use any GSM SIM
- Phone Lock (Manual/automatic)
- SIM Card Lock - SIM PIN and SIM PIN 2
- Keypad Lock
- Restrict Access to Phone Directories 
- Display icons: Signal Strength, Battery Meter, Off-hook, Roaming, Ringer Alert On

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