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Sim Locks?

Technical jargon that can save you money or broaden your possible destinations!

Most GSM phones purchased from a carrier store (such as Voicestream or AT&T Wireless) come "locked" to that network, which means that you can't use another Sim in your phone.

It also means that you can only go to the countries that have roaming agreements with those particular carriers.

The Sim (subscriber identification module) is what holds your information - your phone number, your billing address, etc. It is the small white plastic chip in the back of the phone.

An unlocked phone gives you the ability to use different services when traveling that might offer a broader range of coverage.  For instance, AT&T's GSM SIMS and service currently do not work in Cambodia.  But ours do.  So you might need to use a different Sim when traveling to some destinations.

Buying an unlocked phone typically adds to its price because of the flexibility and savings that can be realized.

To see if your phone is locked, put a Sim from another carrier in the phone. In other words, if you have a Voicestream phone, try to put your friend's AT&T Wireless Sim in the phone. If you can make a call, it is unlocked. If the screen reads "enter correct Sim" or "Sim unrecognized," the phone is locked.

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