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Sony Ericsson P800

Motorola TimePort

Nokia 7210 GlobalStar Satellite


Sony Ericsson P800:   Buy Now: $549

* Sony Ericsson P800 GSM Triband 900/1900/1800

* Switches between bands automatically

* P800 Bluetooth Technology provides wireless connectivity between a headset, PDA, or Laptop within a 30 foot range.

* The P800 features GPRS and HSCSD for high speed mobile network and Internet access

* Offers POP3 email access capability

* Sony Ericsson built in camera that can view pictures on the high resolution  of 208 by 320 pixel color screen that runs the length of the phone, and can display 4,096 different colors.

* Pictures can be stored in the P800's photo album and emailed as attachments or sent to other phones as an MMS-message.

* The P800's camera could be used to send an image of the person calling, making it the first phone to have video conferencing

* The Sony Ericsson P800 is the first phone based on the Symbian 7.0 platform, which includes  personal organizer functions.  This operating system also allows the P800 to  download video clips for viewing on the phone, and can display application files e.g. Powerpoint, Word and Excel.

* P800 also has the Java 2 Micro Edition runtime environment, so Java-based games and other applications can be downloaded.

* Entertainment: Watch video clips, play games or surf the web. Discover a new world of mobile fun in full color.

* The P800 has SyncML, Bluetooth, WAP, a 16MB Memory StickŪ DUO, HTML and cHTML capabilities, as well as superb tools for managing your information.

* Picture: (Keyboard on hinge, swings down revealing long display)

* Compose your own Polyphonic ring signals - several sound formats supported

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