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Special Features
  • Voicemail is optional on certain phones and networks. Please let us know in advance if this is a requirement.
  • International Dialing is available from all major cities in the US through certain carriers. Please let us know your full itinerary and whether or not you will be making international calls. If you are traveling to smaller cities, it may be necessary to use a long distance calling card to complete international calls because of local carrier restrictions.
  • Laptop cables are available for certain phones and networks to enable wireless e-mail and internet access. Please let us know in advance if this is a requirement. PC format only, MAC not available.
  • Advance Number Distribution is provided by InTouch Global upon signature of rental agreement, so friends and colleagues can reach you on your travels.
  • Long Distance Calling Cards are available from InTouch Global in increments of $10. These cards may be used on cellular phones, hotel or pay phones. The cards cover costs associated with international long distance. Cellular airtime charges still apply to calls made with a calling card.


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