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Motorola TimePort
Motorola TimePort

Nokia 5110 Nokia 5110 or 6190 - 900 mhz

Sagem MC 840M
Sagem MC 840M 900mhz

Please confirm with your carrier that your sim will roam overseas. Please be specific with your carrier about all of your destinations. InTouch USA cannot affect your carriers' roaming agreements or your particular roaming services.

Our handsets are delivered fully functional with spare batteries, car chargers, and instructions for use.

Inquire now for specific handset inquiries, or order now.

Sim Rentals

Sims with local numbers based in the US, UK, France and Switzerland are available on a rental basis from InTouch USA.

Our sims roam to more than 140 countries. You may require this service if your current GSM operator lacks roaming agreements in your destination, or if you do not have international roaming services activated on your current sim.

Inquire now for specific roaming or coverage inquiries, or order now.


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