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Sony Ericsson P800

Motorola TimePort

Nokia 7210 GlobalStar Satellite

Why Buy?

If you go overseas more than twice a year, you might want to own a phone with service and your own international number.

Tri-band unlocked phones provide the flexibility to use any available network in more than 120 countries.

InTouch USA provides several service options and payment options to help you achieve your goals when traveling abroad - either to
eliminate monthly payments, or to maintain monthly service for immediate, always-on calling capability.

Buying a GSM phone (the GSM network is prevalent in Europe, Asia, parts of Africa, and is emerging in South America) also entitles you to free
rentals in countries that do not have GSM service. If you go to Japan, for instance, we will provide a free handset to you, you just pay the airtime and shipping charges.

InTouch USA is committed to keeping you in touch wherever you go, and has service in every corner of the world.

Discounts are available on multiple phone purchases, and purchases with activation.


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